Frequently Asked Questions

Browse a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. The more you learn and the more you prepare for your cruise and dialysis services aboard the ship, the more relaxing and enjoyable your vacation will be. Frequently Asked Questions are udated regularly and answer the most common questions we get from our travelers.
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Medical Records

Be prepared for your next cruise with Dialysis at Sea Cruises by learning more about what medical records you need to bring with you. Propoer medical records are critical in making your dialysis treatment aboard successful. Here you'll find an itemized list of essential medical record you'll need to bring with you on vacation.
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Before You Cruise

If you're new to cruising, this section is for you.
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Going on vacation, leaving home, and esspecially when you leave the contry, proper documentation and proof of citizenship is critical. The "Documents" section is designed to help you recognize all the important considerations when traveling with Dialysis at Sea Cruises. Browse an itemized list of documentation requirements here.
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Port Information

Need help finding the Port. The day of travel is no time to figure out where your heading. Dialysis at Sea Cruises sail from many different ports around the World. Here we provide address and contact information for all ports from which we sail. If you need additional information, please feel free to give us a call!
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